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A new years update!

I'm a little late to the New Year party! So, please accept my apologies that this is my first post for 2024! You'll see from previous posts that I'm not great at keeping up to date with my art blog! I shall say I will try to do better this year - so let's see if I can, eh?!

We've had a busy start to the year over here in Teesdale. The weather has not been particularly kind - however, I did spend some time in the garden on Sunday last and I am pleased to report, the snowdrops and daffodils are appearing now. Spring is definitely on its way! Hooray!! Not before time I hear you say....

On the Reiki front, I have been quite busy with my lovely regular clients - who have felt in need of a little energy boost after the Christmas season. Always lovely to see you. And I can say, it has helped me to get back into the swing of things too.

On the art front, I have signed up with the #goodshipillo To take part in their annual biz course for illustration projects. Yes, I have finally decided it is time to write and illustrate those childrens books that I have been mulling over for several years now!

New year, fresh start, looking ahead.... I made a conscious decision that after the sadness of 2023, I shall be more focussed and positive this coming year.

So in this vein, I have been sharing some older works across on my insta account #dawnwilsonartist which were more illustrative than my more recent abstract pieces.

That is not to say, I shan't be painting - because it is my real and true love - so yes, there will be more paintings on the way.... But a little side step into illustrating these books is imminent and a project I am very excited to tackle.

In other matters, my husband turned 60 a few days ago - and this really feels quite momentous! We did celebrate (well, the first of many to be honest - as we have a few things planned for this year), with a little holiday to Lanzarote with the family. It was really lovely - and what a treat to have some warmth and sunshine! We came home, quite literally, on a wing and a prayer!! The strong winds blew us side ways into Newcastle last Monday. Thankfully, we landed well, without any lasting problems and were grateful to be back on dry land.

So I think thats about it for the time being. I shall endeavour to write again soon. I can recommend the new series on Disney + 'The Artful Dodger', if you are looking for some humour and a good costume drama (they are my absolute favourites). A good watch for these long winter nights. But don't fret, spring is on its way. Pinky promise!

Sending lots of love to you all,

Dawn xx

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