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An Art Scholarship!

It's always good to learn new skills, connect with new people and share fresh ideas. Even though I studied Fine Art several many moons ago and have worked self-employed or free lance as an artist/designer for many years, I have discovered it is always refreshing to try something new and to connect with new people. It's often challenging working alone with no-one to bounce ideas off. If I'm being totally open and honest, the co-worker connection is the thing that I miss more than anything else.

When I was at university I'd moan about the workload, the travel, the parking (which was a nightmare!), the lack of interest from some of the lecturers and the eye watering amount it cost to study. I resented that many of the youngsters were wasting valuable opportunities, were disinterested and didn't apply themselves, (pure jealousy on my part :)). I found that the studios could often be noisy and distracting when you were in the zone, trying to work. But what I didn't know back then, was that the life of an artist can be a very lonely path and I had no idea how much I'd miss the mad crazy and fun environment when it was all over and that Degree scroll was in my hand.

I'd always wanted to have a Degree. Don't ask me why, because in retrospect I'm not sure they are worth much these days in terms of career advancement. But in terms of life experience and connection, it was priceless. I did it for me, for myself, for my own self worth and self satisfaction. Because I wanted to do it and because I'd always regretted not going to university after school and college. Back when I was 16-18, I was living my best life, having lots of fun and enjoying a great social life. No way did I want to 'stay at school' a minute longer than necessary! In those days, continuing study was not seen as cool or party central as it is now. When I eventually saw sense and went back to college and on to university, I was a mature student, I had young children, a home to run and a job which I hated. The opportunity to return to study was borne of a longing to re-connect with creating art and I absolutely relished it. I'd missed having connections with like minded souls, missed the challenges of widening my knowledge through recommendations, scouring books, joining study visits and attending lectures on art history. I'd always loved writing essays so that didn't phase me and then, of course, there was the joy and freedom to create art work. As big and mad and crazy and messy and challenging and soul revealing as possible. I loved it all.

Fast forward to 2022. I have days, weeks and months of not creating. Nothing. zilch. I allow life and chores and family and home take over and bury my creativity. I hide it deep for long periods of time. Then it emerges again, when I can fight it no more, like springtime after a long winter. I feel re-energised, full of fresh ideas and off I go again. But what I find hardest, is keeping up the momentum. My uni days are long gone. My fellow students are miles away or are working in every day/often times, mundane jobs to pay their way and pay the bills. It's not an easy ride being an artist. Jobs are few - many are badly paid! Often people expect us to do something that 'looks so easy' for free!

But when an amazing and successful American female artist that you have admired for many years, a real badass woman who has overcome some of life's toughest hurdles, invites you to join her new course on an art scholarship..... well it is so humbling, so gratifying, so amazing. I am blown away! And what's more, I am enjoying the connection, the experience, the creating and the 'just being in the moment' so so much. Thank you Wyanne. This opportunity came when I really needed it.

We are NEVER to old to learn or to experience new things, new people, challenges or fresh starts. Embrace it. All of it. Life can be wonderful. There are good people in this world. You never know when you will find them - or they will find you.

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