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Hello new website!

Those of you who have followed me for a long time will know that I have been neglecting my art practice of late. In fact, myself and daughter set up a bricks and mortar biz in 2018 and since then, I have pretty much done zero art work - aside from a few interior wall murals.

In March this year, Covid hit and subsequently, we decided to take our business on line (

My first grand child is due imminently (literally any day now) and way back in March, we had only just heard the baby news. So with this in mind, alongside the uncertainties of the virus and its effects upon our cafe and gift shop business long term, we decided to play it sensible and close.

We have travelled a long road since March. In truth, hasn't everyone - in some way or another? I doubt many people will have seen little change to their 'normal' routine. So like most of you, my life has taken a 'pivot' (Isn't that the buzz saying these days?).... Anyhoo, I have returned to my art practice and creating and painting and generally enjoying myself and having lots of fun and relaxing :) It has always been my saviour and my go to. Why I veer off this path, I really really have no idea!! Sad that it took a virus and a business closure to make me see what I really enjoy - but again, I doubt thats just me?

So as we wait patiently for baby to arrive and enhance our family lives, Chloé, my daughter and I came up with the idea of using my artwork for commercial purposes and create a range of interior products. The path has been slow - there's a lot of - let's say, not so good companies out there, puporting to be able to create all sorts of wonderful things.... But that said, we have found a few really good ones and are awaiting sample products for our on line home and gift store.

Since my paintings are generally bright and colourful, we figured this could be just what's needed to brighten a dull little corner of a home. Items to warm up a winters eve, snuggle up to colourful cushions on the sofa or just hang a nice bright cheerful print on the wall. So we are working on it - and very soon, Winstonberry, our little business, will be back up and running once again. Risen from the ashes of covid 19!!

And in the meantime, I'm being challenged by this Wix site.... attempting to create something colourful. A window into my world of art and being an artist. I'm loving it really! I'm not as tech savvy as my kids, but given time, I'll get there. And anyway.... it keeps me out of mischief!

I'd love it if you'd sign up to my news letter - oh heck!!! I've yet to create one :) But I will! So when I do, will you? Thanks for reading. I love to write.... so best leave my first blog post here for now and get back to website creating and showing you my current art work!

Dawn xx

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